EST. 1979

D'Andrea Group
Dunkin' Donuts

We are an independently owned and operated Dunkin' Donuts franchise in the Greater New Haven area promoting goodwill to those we serve.

Guilford /  killingworth  /  Clinton  /  Orange  /  West Haven  /  Milford  / Stratford

What our employees learn about

Guest Service

We encourage our employees to treat every guest like family. They learn people’s names and regular coffee orders and by doing so, win hearts.

Food Safety

Good business starts with guest health first. We adhere to high standards to ensure quality products are served safely all day, every day.

Teamwork & Community

Giving back is both a pillar of Dunkin’ Brands and D’Andrea Group. We allocated more than $20,000 in donations annually to the communities we serve.

Analytics & Business Mathematics

The first key to running a business is knowing a business. We teach our employees about business skills that transfer across any career.

Restaurant Operations

Building and operating business is our lifeblood. We teach our employees what we know and what we’ve learned so they too can grow.


We provide access to tools that make running our business easier and smarter so our employees have a chance to learn new skills.

Cold Brews Crafted
Likes and mentions


We hire our community members. We serve our community members. We give back to our communities because they are us and we are them.

Want to see what we are doing in the community?

Manager of the month
October 2017

We recognize those who serve our guests and mentor our youth because they deserve it. They answer the call to serve and we serve them by saying thanks.

Brittany Rotunno
Brittany Rotunno Manager

Brittany brings almost a decade of experience to our Dunkin' Donuts and with that unparalled guest service skills, team building expertise and operational excellence. We honor Brittany and hope for another decade of success for her and us!